Tech News: Why Every Social Robot at CES Looks Alike

Photo: Jibo

Here’s another recent update from the tech world!

CES 2017: Why Every Social Robot at CES Looks Alike

The Very first models of the social home robot have been released at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Interestingly, the models showcased are very similar in terms of design. They are all white, curved and smooth with big heads and small bodies; they have an eye or eyes but do not have nose, mouth, ear or arms. According to Jibo’s VP Marketing, the social home robot is designed to appear friendly. Another executive asserted that minimalist designs are more likeable for the larger public. Moreover, the smooth and curvy features make the robot safer and the rounded heads are for easier movement. These robots have been specially designed for households and the features were specifically intended for commercial and safety purposes.

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